How we work

YVE-The Gambia works in partnership to help improve the livelihoods of vulnerable communities by empowering communities formulate and implement development plans and program that promote sustainable development. We apply rigorous knowledge to inform, advocate and lobby for sound environmentally friendly policies through a community centered approach.

We acknowledges climate change and environmental related issues as crucial to the promotion of sustainable livelihoods, peace and development and, in breaking the effects of the vicious circle of unemployment and poverty in the country and beyond. The Organization mobilizes and facilitates collaboration among various partners especially in youth and community development. It develops concepts and implements programmes with approaches and methodologies that enable its audience to identify problems, set priority, and address needs assessments.

Our  international scope has already been recognised by several local and international partners, including the UNEP, African Commission on Human & People’s Rights , Energy Globe Award, Global Young Greens, Ministry of Environment , Ministry of Energy, National Youth Council,Danish Board of Technology , ANEW, SWA and the Global Youth Action Network among others.

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